Business in a Box (BizBox)

Business in a Box (BizBox) is project in partnership between the MasterCard Foundation and Ghana Enterprise Agency (GEA). The goal of the 4years project is to create a dignified and fulfilling jobs for 250,000 Ghanaian youth with ages between 15-35 years with 70% being women and 10% being people leaving with disabilities (PWDs) by 2027.

The project mainly focus on Agribusinesses, where training will be given to the selected individuals with setup kits to start their own businesses. The training looks at areas such as :
1. Food processing
2. ⁠Fruit Juice Processing
3. ⁠livestock
4. ⁠poultry
5. ⁠cassava
6. ⁠Mashroom production
7. ⁠Fisheries
8. ⁠piggires
9. ⁠Food service And others

On this day, 02/04/2024, the safety Beneficiaries of the various subjects were engaged and sensitized on the project. Qualified persons were registered onto the project.

The BAC and the DA officials visited NKASIEM, DADIESOABA AND SIENCHEM sub project sites to meet with the beneficiaries.

The joy and reposes to the new was clear indication on their readiness to be in bed with the project for ascertain their financial freedom.

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